Dongguan TecQum Electronics Technology Co. Ltd.founded in 2005, is a leading manufacturer of switching power supplies, chargers, power adaptors and on-board chargers.

TecQum electronics inherits the principle of "developing enterprise culture with human nature truth, improving enterprise growth with quality service, strengthening management and sustaining enterprise life, and making profits". The management concept of "corporate welfare", meanwhile, carries out the whole production process with six spirit of improvement, firmly sets up the idea of "quality first, quality first", and makes the company's products continuously meet the international market demand with scientific management, first-class quality and high-quality service.

TecQum electronic has always been providing innovative value from the standpoint of customers, focusing on developing products with outstanding efficiency, excellent quality and extraordinary process, and leading the industry in establishing core technologies to meet customers' demands for various chargers and adapters.

As an enterprise focusing on research and development and innovation, TecQum electronic's annual scientific and technological research and development funds account for more than 5% of the total sales, and manager zheng himself is the head of technology research and development. The constantly innovative technology research and development has laid a solid foundation for product production and sales and become a powerful driving force for our continuous success. TecQum electronics believes that each product needs to consider the needs of different users in order to meet the personalized use of customers, and thus create value for it. We applied new technology, new technology design and development of a series of innovative products. Constant innovation in design and management has made TecQum electronics a leader in power supply industry. We will continue to pursue excellence, innovation, and create the greatest value for customers.

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